Error when quick creating extension with User Manager On

Whenever I attempt to create an extension utilizing quick create and the Create User Manager User is set to yes I receive the following error:

Undefined index: displayname

FreePBX 13 (-18)
Asterisk 13

If I turn the Create User Manager to No I do not receive the error. any idea what is happening here?


Update your contact manager module.

I thought I had the most recent release but when I run an check online I see the following:

That is not a normal FreePBX GUI elements. Seems it’s a modified FreePBX of some type.

We are an OEM partner with you. Would that change things?

Seems your OEM is expired which is why you are not receiving any available updates.

I don’t think our OEM is expired. Every other module updates as it should except for 3 - Bria Cloud Solutions, Contact Manager and Sangoma MCU. All three say Enabled; Not available online.

I would suggest opening a support ticket

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Thanks. Something I’ve always wondered - Where is the best place to seek support relating to issues regarding our OEM account? Would that be considered Commercial Module support?

Disregard - I did see my OEM branding as a commercial module and utilized that for a ticket.