Error when deleting extension Whoops\Exception DB_Helperclass.php:230

Please help if you are able.

I have a FreePBX 13.0.197 that is giving me this error image
whenever I delete an chan sip extension from the GUI.
When I do a sip show peers the extension is still there.
I removed the extensions from Endpoint manager before I deleted them.

I there is no PHP updates for my PBX.
I ran fwconsole reload the deleted extensions is still there.

How do I remove the extensions.

Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated


Please make sure you have latest edge release of framework module.



After the framework update extension delete correctly.

How do I remove the extensions that deleted incorrectly now.
I did do the fwconsole reload again.

Edit: I found that recreating the extension and then deleting it again removes it correctly.

Would they have to be removed via the CLI.

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