Error when adding VPN to EPM extension mapping

I am trying to add VPN support on our phones. I have followed the steps on the wiki but am getting an error when trying to assign a VPN client in extension mapping.

phar error: unable to open file “/etc/openvpn/sysadmin_ca.crt” to add to phar archive

I am able to save the config if I select “none” for VPN Client, but if I select the client I want to use it gives me this error. I found some tickets on this from May, 2016. But they say this has been fixed.

My system is up to date, I’m on EPM version

Any idea how to fix this?

Obvious stupid question: you checked the file and its permissions, right? It exists and is owned by the owner of your web server, right?

Update all your modules please. EPM is up to 13.0.87.x

Make sure to update all modules as I am showing this bug was fixed already.

I checked file permissions and that file doesn’t exist. I’m not sure if I missed a step that creates that file or there is a pre-requisite to the wiki to create that file.

[[email protected] openvpn]# ls

I renewed my EPM subscription and re-checked for updates. It’s telling me that I am up to date. Do I need to use the terminal to upgrade to 13.0.87?

Upgrade to the edge version of EPM using:

fwconsole ma --edge upgrade endpoint
fwconsole r

That solved my problem. Thank you Lorne!

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