Error using presence app

Application was not specified error.

I have been using the parking lot app no problem so far but today I went to add the presence app to play with it and I get this error when I press my button. I have a T46G phone using the endpoint manager to program the button. The link looks the same as the one for parking.



  • hidden is what i replaced to avoid exposing anything about my network.

I checked my account settings and i have “ALL” apps allowed for my extension.

Any ideas what is wrong?

Sean M

What version of Asterisk? Secondly have you installed the Presence State module in FreePBX. Presence State is only support in FreePBX 2.11 or newer and Asterisk 11 or newer.

That was silly of me. I thought I put that in. I am running PIAF green.

PBX in a Flash release 3.6.5 (PIAF3)

As I understand it this is asterisk 11.7.0 with freepbx but I cant find a screen that dumps the spefics of this from the web interface.

I dont see anything called presence state module so I will go look and see how to install it.

Sean M

You need to verify you Asterisk version and also need to go to module admin and make sure presence state module is installed. We do not support PIAF with Commercial Modules. Its all unsupported and their use of strict apache authentication blocks the use of our apps.

I can confirm I am running PIAF sorry to hear it is unsupported but I understand it being difficult to support all flavors of asterisk distributions. I prefer PIAF and will continue to use it as it has some security modules I prefer.

That being said I have no issues with the commercial endpoint manager so far I am very happy with it and its working under PIAF so thanks!!

I did need to add the presence module and then I get a new error.

My T46G phone gives me an error “File layout error !” on my phone. I dug in a bit and decoded the XML that was being sent and using php sent the same message to my phone using rest push and I get the same error. I noticed then that its the wrong XML for this phone. I am not sure where I tell the app the phone type I have I had presumed it just figured it out from the endpoint manager when it programmed the button.

Presence http://192.168.XXX.2:88/applications.php/presencestate/change?user=703 Select SoftKey:Select Exit SoftKey:Exit

It messed up the XML





Sorry you are on your own as you are not using a Distro we support with Commercial Apps