Error updating XMPP module - libcrypto missing

Since we use iSymphony and my understanding is that XMPP supports iSymphony,

I am trying to upgrade the XMPP module but when I try to process the update I get the error:
Error(s) installing xmpp:
Failed to run installation scripts (red letters)

This is apparently due to a problem with PROSODY not being installed.
When I try to install PROSODY
yum clean all
yum -y install prosody
I get the normal package and dependancy checks and then:
Error: Package: prosody-0.9.1-102.shmz65.1.15.i686 (schmooze-commercial)

How can I verify that libcrypto is broke or missing and add/fix it if needed.

You need to update your distro to 6.x

How do I update the distro?
Does FreePBX update from booting off of a CD or you mean re-install