Error setting up advanced recovery (invalid certificate on peer)

The license expired on my advanced recovery module. When I was able to re-up the license I lost the config for the advanced recovery module. When I’m trying to set it up again, I get the following exception:

GuzzleHttp \ Exception \ RequestException
cURL error 60: Peer's certificate has an invalid signature. (see

I have self signed certs along with LE certificates installed. I have tried with and with out “Exclude certificate settings” enabled. The primary pbx has the LE cert, the secondary has a self signed cert. Should Advanced Recovery function with self signed certificates?

SSH keys are installed on both and have been verified to work.

I’m not even sure how certs are handled with failover, probably something I should test!

Since it’s a paid module you should be able to setup a support case with Sangoma.

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