Error running distro update - rerun script?

I just ran and got the following error repeatedly in phases 3-5…

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method DB_Error::query() in /usr/sbin/sysadm in_update_system on line 237


PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method DB_Error::query() in /usr/sbin/sysadm in_update_system on line 219

My server previously suffered a power outage which caused /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock to exist in an incorrect state and preventing me from manually starting mysql. I moved the file and started mysql manually. I then reran It seems to have done very little in stages 3-5. Output below…

STAGE 2 COMPLETED - RPM’s - Moving to Stage 3


Moving to Next Step

Moving to Next Step

STAGE 3 COMPLETED - Misc Items - Moving to Stage 4


updatedb for locate command

Restart incron to be safe

STAGE 4 COMPLETED - Clean Up - Moving to Stage 5

STAGE 5 STARTING - Final Verifications

STAGE 5 COMPLETED - Final Verifications - Moving to Stage 6

Please wait…

Permissions OK

Did the script complete all the correct commands by simply rerunning it or should I do any other steps such as resetting /etc/schmooze/pbx-version back to -6?

Thanks for the great product!

The problems you experienced with the script might be connected with a bug coming from upstream that Tony sorted, repackaged and released with the .7 interim version.
I’ve cross-linked your post on another where we were discussing a similar problem, so he might pop over here, but can’t say.
If the system is stable after a reboot I wouldn’t worry.
If you fancy, open the upgrade script and see what it was supposed to do.

mysql-init-fixer is the packaged RPM. It has been around for two months but was just recently put into the upgrade scripts and is not the cause of this issue.

No you do not need to re-run a older version. If you look in the script those stages have nothing in that version of the upgrade script. You should be all set. That error was your DB was not running so it could not connect. You did the right thing on fixing the DB and running the script again.

I wasn’t clear. I meant should I change the text in the pbx-verson file to -6 version. I didn’t mean rerunning an old script. I see now that the script only looks for the existence of the file to execute, it doesn’t evaluate its contents.