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Thanks Dave. Really appreciate your help.

Exporting extensions on the old/running system and importing to the new system with the bulk handler did not solve the problem.

Continuing to test around.

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It is not the extension itself. It is the entry in the user manager. Deleting the user and creating it again through the extension management (only the user, not the extension) handles the problem.

Something must be done there that is omitted in the restore.

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Sounds reasonable. I haven’t checked (and don’t have a system I can check on) but have you looked to see if the UCP User Definition File can be handled through the Bulk Handler? That might give you another clue.

(Stephan Koenig) #25

Yes, I played around with the bulk handler and the user manager files, but no luck.

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Can you on a test system please try to delete the user that is creating trouble from the usermanager and go into his extension and under General-> User Manager Settings, Link to a Default User please select Create New User and also enter a password? This recreates his entry in the user manager.

Try if that handles the problem with the UCP.

CAREFUL! Don’t try on the live system, only on the backup. I know it deletes all his contacts, I don’t know what else is effected.

Let me know!

(Denic) #27

Yes, that worked!

When I restored the backup again, it was broken again and when I deleted the user again and made him again, it was fine.

But a lot of information got lost! I have too many extension so I can not do that for all.

Thank you Stephen, please let me know when you publish the fix! I can test.

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Haha. I am happy this works for you, too.

However, I am not a FreePBX developer and I don’t know enough about what is going on in the background that I could offer an fix.

But there are great people here and I am sure they will help fixing!

Update on FreePBX 15 Backup and Restore module
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Opened an issue in jira.

(Stephan Koenig) #30

It is not related to the Backup and Restore module. It is a bug in the latest Voicemail version v15.0.18.11.

Go back to v15.0.18.10 and you should be fine. Let me know if your need help.

(Kapil Gupta) #31

Just to update this thread, Fix for this UCP/Voicemail issue has been pushed to edge.

voicemail v14.0.6.12
voicemail v15.0.18.14


(Stephan Koenig) #32

Tested and confirmed. Problem gone.

Thank you Kapil!

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