Error recordings

Not sure if this is a General question or not, apologies if its in the wrong place.

The issue I have is that if you ring an invalid extension (or one that isn’t connected) you get an “all circuits are busy please try again later message”

Is it possible to get a “this extension is unplugged” message ( I don’t mind recording it, I just don’t know where to tell the config ot use it)


I think you could find the message and record a replacement. The problem I see is that the all circuits are busy message is used under a variety of circumstances so it may be played even if the phone is plugged in.

The English sounds should be stored here


look for files with the word busy in the name.

You changes might not survive and upgrade to Asterisk.

Under Settings, Route Congestion messages, FreePBX gives you a little bit of flexibility over which messages can be changed. You can change the default message to any other system recording for certain congestion events.

Thanks to both.

lgaetz thats exactly what I need, however I need to upgrade as I don’t have that option.

Thats a little bit of work, may need to spend a weekend on it.

Thanks again, thats spot on!


Those settings are provided by a module called “Route Congestion Messages” that isn’t installed by default. So you may not need an upgrade.