Error rebuilding config file - EndPoint Manager - YeaLink T48G

When I use EPM, and try to rebuild a template containing a Yelling T48G phone, I can save, but when I save and rebuild, i see the error below. Other templates seem unaffected.


There is a bug on 13.0.51. You can see it here:

Thanks. Is there a way I can downgrade temporarily so I can solve this for now?

Yep. In module admin, when you go check online, then expand the module you want, there’s a ‘previous versions’ tab (or something similar, it’s immediately obvious once you know it’s there) that lets you pick a version to downgrade to.

Bingo. I never looked at the previous tab before. Thanks!

if you can figure out which extension is causing the error (i.e. mark them all, and see where the “green” stops), resave the extension and you will find that everything works