Error Outbound calling


I’m new in this so it is possible that I’m asking something that is answered already, sorry if so.

I added a sip-trunk from my provider under “Trunk” and this sip-trunk was registered at my provider. So that’s OK. i also created an incoming route that delivers the call to a queue that is connected to 2 extensions. When i place a call to the number that i got from my provider, its coming true to my extensions. so that’s also OK. I’m also able to call from one extension to another, so that’s also OK.
But when i want to make a call from one of the extensions to en external number, i get an error . “The number you dialed does not exist or has not bin allocated” I tried all settings that i found on the internet but its not working. I also asked my provider to check if the call is getting on there platform but i’ts not.

So i’m a little out of options. Can someone help me to fix this. I think it’s something stupid bet i cant find it.

kind regards

Presume that you have configured and Outbound route to the trunk.


Yes id did. With a lot of different options.
outbound route with dial patterns ()+|0./{one of my extensions} was one of them. 0. = to be sure everything got true.
But no luck. :frowning:


i had the same problem. Then I added an “X.” in the filed “match pattern” of the Dial Pattern and it works:

Hi saxandl,

I tried it but without any luck.
So still looking for a solution.

extra info :
I also added on the outbound trunk, in the “Optional Destination on Congestion” another internal extension, to see what’s happening. and after 5 sec this extension is called.
Also, when i check the statistics i can see that the “external calls” counter is 1, so i assume that the call is getting out of my server, not? On network level is see that he is building a sip tunnel. but I’m not sure if the info is correct.

please any idee?