Error : Online update modeule for FreePBX 2.7


i have error (“unable to get online updates from”) while going

for online updates i think link ( id=s technically down

can any body help me i have to get IVR module by online updates


mirror.freepbx is OK.

Check that you can reach Internet from you server. Open up a shell and type “ping” and see if it is responding to ping.

If you don’t get a response back please check your firewall or that you have a default gateway on you server.

yes “ping” works but “” dose not open in browser

Yes it does, but it is only a blank page, and that is just what it is supposed to show. Can you ping from your server (not the workstation)?

sorry for late reply

Yes i can ping from server

download all the modules from this mirror site, and manually upload the modules.
All the modules are available here, you will have no further problems.

Raja Omer
NUST Pakistan

thank you very much

My problem has been solved …