Error on update

I keep getting this error when trying to upgrade FreePBX Framework from to

Fatal error: Call to undefined function outn() in /var/www/html/admin/modules/framework/libfreepbx.install.php on line 29

This is a new install of FreePBX that comes with the Trixbox distro 2.4.2

Can anyone offer some help?


I had that problem too. I downloaded the 2.4 tarball and ran ./install_amp. Before you rush in… take a look at my previous post as I now have a problem with the admin web page.


There is a thread on this on the Trixbox site. Commenting out lines 29 and 75 gets you past the problem, but I don’t know of any side effects. It appears as long as you don’t try to and press the ‘red button’ your switch keeps working.

If you can I would wait for an official fix.