Error on Extension Save - Possible Bug

I wanted to confirm if we agree this is a bug before adding it to bugs.
Upon updating an extension I get the following error, the information does get saved, but of course we have the error.

Nothing has changed in some time, with exception of module updates.

It’s a bug because the error is not being handled better, but the cause looks to be an improper custom URL config in an EPM template.

Looks like after an upgrade, external address for global settings was set to NONE, at least thats what it pulled up in EPM.
I added the proper external IP, when editing an extension I no longer get the error.


I have a running list of upgrade issues similar to this that I was preparing to post, the purpose of which is to help admins not repeat the hours of troubleshooting that’s already been done. I’ll add this if it’s okay with you.

don’t tease, post your ‘list’

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Yes of course!

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