Error on dashboard

How do i find what extension is giving the error for “invalid destination for outbound fax” which is listed on the dashboard? Normally, when I click these errors it will show me what route is causing the error, but on this one I have nothing.
Screenshot from 2023-07-31 20-08-29

Look through any fax extensions you setup or maybe it’s in Settings>Fax Configuration. This error should definitely show you what’s causing the issue. Maybe need to reload?

Thanks for the reply. I checked all of those locations, did reload, deleted message off the dashboard. It comes back after a new login. Normally you can click on the message and it will tell you what extension or route is the problem. Is there a log that you know of I can check where I could find this problem and get to the root of it?

Best I know is do another reload and as it loads watch your full log - /var/log/asterisk/full and it will typically show any errors on loading, might need to adjust debug/verbose settings a bit to get it to show everything.

You could try exporting users and extensions to get a quick filterable view and edit the GUI from there.

Maybe you have the fax pro module? and the error is in there?

Yes, I do have that module. I’ll check there. Thanks

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