Error on announcements upgrading from to


I have a problem with announcements upgrading from to

First upgrade the framework with no problem. After that in the upgradeall when a module use announcements it crash with this error (in this example the ivr module):

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: recordings_get_or_create_id() in /var/www/ on line 209

After that I reupgrade the module and it installs ok but all annoncements have been lost. I have to reasign each announcement in each ivr.

This happens in ivr and queues modules but maybe others.

After the upgrade in the database the ivr table have the column announcement and the column announcement_id. I think the first would to be removed in the upgrade.

How can I avoid this problem? I need to make upgrade to and after upgrade to How can I make that? There is another solution?



you have a nonstandard setup. Please check the settings in the amportal.conf file and verify that the AMPWEBROOT, AMPCGIBIN and FOPWEBROOT all point to the proper directory for the root of the site.

I have checked the variables and are correct

But I do the upgrades with module_admin no by web. And if there is no announcement in the ivr nor queues there are no errors on the upgrade.