Error Messages when logging on to the Trixbox webconsole

Hi All

When i login to my trixbox webconsole i am getting two XML errors

which is shown in the link above. Does anyone have a solution on how to fix this?


Install one of AsteriskNow, Elastisk, PBXinaFlash or Fonicaproject and I am sure that your PBX will work better.

I honestly don’t have a clue why your setup fails other that trixbox have messed up FreePBX when they “forked” it and that you probably want to ask in the trixbox forums.

I’m not sure why he is suggestion another product when the issue looks to be a borked installation and not a problem with the code itself. I have seen this happen on occasion where an install from an ISO looks like it was complete but still had some weird problems. A typical solution would be to try burning the CD at a slower speed for greater compatibility and then doing a reinstall.

Hope that helps.

Kerry Garrison