Error message is no sense of FreePBX

In dashboard:

You have selected an invalid language ‘en_US’ and we were unable to fallback to ‘en_US’ or ‘en_US.utf8’ please resolve this in advanced settings [Nonexistent in Locale, Missing en_US]

I do not understand yet is set to en_US …

someone gives me an idea?

I’m getting the same

I verified that the default code is actually en_US, then this message does not make sense …

I have a 13, too?

version - FreePBX 13.0.156

In fact … the same version
FreePBX 13.0.156

He started doing it yesterday after I did the latest updates

We hope that those who supervises the forum gives us a hand


've not seen it before i did the upgrades last night either.

I am convinced that not only happens to us …

Now change the title and do it more relevant

Let’s see if someone helps us

I just enabled system modules to use edge mode - upgraded some modules, and still the same . . . . . . . . .

I’m looking online and found this

These are even more interesting

Checking with the command “locale -a”

I discovered that I was set to en_GB … “who knows who changed it I say …”

however, by setting en_GB no longer gives notice

but it’s not that I’m glad …

Using “en_us” is invalid. The “us” part needs to be capitalized.

The original message is self explanatory. You don’t have en_US installed on your system as a default locale.

I think I’ve got it, thanks