Error installing the cxpanel module

Im installing Asterisk 12 on a fresh Centos 6.5 using the “Installing FreePBX 12 on CentOS 6.5” guide from the wiki.

I have gotten to the “Restart Asterisk and install FreePBX.” part and i get this error message when running the “amportal a ma installall” command:

[[email protected] freepbx]# amportal a ma installall

Please wait…

no repos specified, using: [standard] from last GUI settings

Up to date.
Installing: cxpanel, dashboard, daynight, digium_phones, digiumaddoninstaller, directory, donotdisturb, fax, featurecodeadmin, findmefollow, hotelwakeup, iaxsettings, infoservices, ivr, logfiles, music, outroutemsg, paging, parking, pinsets, presencestate, printextensions, queues, ringgroups, setcid, sipsettings, sipstation, sms, timeconditions, ucp, vmblast, voicemail, weakpasswords, webrtc
Installing cxpanel…
Found module locally, verifying…Verified. Using Local

Module cxpanel successfully downloaded
Failed to install due to the following missing required module(s):


Unable to install module cxpanel:"

I’ve tried to google the error message but the most relevant result i get i a link to github

What am i doing wrong and how can it be fixed?

install manager:

amportal a ma download manager
amportal a ma install manager


I assumed that the moduel wasent available when it wasent showing when using the “list” or “listonline” parameters.

Well, that did the trick, thank you very much.