Error in EPM Pro after 13 to 15 upgrade

After a 13 to 15 upgrade via backup/restore, the reboot and force config check buttons in EPM Pro throw this error:


This may be coincidental, but we also have one S500 handset that is not picking up a config. It was working with the old config until we changed it to PJSIP, rebuilt the config, and factory reset the phone (via the web gui). We did the same with the rest of the phones without issue.

I’ve removed the affected device from EPM and re-added.

Edit to add: I found the configs in /tftpboot and removed the xml file for the affected device, rebuilt the config in EPM, but that issue persists.

I’m wondering if there is a corrupt config file for that MAC, but I cannot remember or find where they are stored in the system.

Sounds like an issue mainly with the upgrade to 15. PJSIP shouldn’t break it. Run module updates for your system as well as system updates then do the following:

I would back up the EPM data and uninstall the module, ‘fwconsole restart’ after that and install EPM pro…

After you reinstall, make a new extension as pjsip when you create it (rather than converting to pjsip from sip), convert the malfunctioning one to a virtual extension then forward the calls to the new native pjsip extension.

Also check and make sure your deployment ID is still the same since I have known some to get buggered after the upgrade. That would affect your module licensing. Have you noticed anything else not functioning properly since the upgrade?

Everything was fully updated on the old and new system, modules and core files, before the backup/restore.

All the other endpoints are working after the change to PJSIP. All the endpoints are the same model, Sangoma S500. Just that one endpoint isn’t picking up its config.

System activation is fine; I released the hardware lock on the old system and applied the same Deployment ID to the new system.

And, in EPM, the reboot and check config buttons still both throw that error.

Opened a ticket since the issues related to a Sangoma phone and commercial module.

Santi was fast, competent, and professional.

Disabled DPMA in EPM Global settings. Installed DPMA module. Re-enabled in EPM. That was the end of the button errors.

For the one affected endpoint he put the local config server URL in (even though this is already in Option 66). Then went into about five locations in the device (S500) web GUI, then did an AutoSet. It grabbed its config, rebooted, grabbed a firmware update, rebooted, and was good.

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