Error in config.php

After install and login as admin i see window “Please Select the default locales of the PBX”. I can not save this page((( In console i see error:
config.php:625 Uncaught TypeError: $.cookie is not a function

In code it is:

$("#submitOobe").click(function(e) {
if($("#oobeGuiLang").val() === “”) {
return warnInvalid($("#oobeGuiLang"),(“Please select a valid language”));
if($("#oobeTimezone").val() === “”) {
return warnInvalid($("#oobeTimezone"),
(“Please select a valid timezone”));
if($("#oobeSoundLang").val() === “”) {
return warnInvalid($("#oobeSoundLang"),(“Please select a valid language”));
(“Processing. This may take some time. Please be patient”));

While i am fixed is manually in file /var/www/html/admin/modules/soundlang/views/oobe.php :
and replace from “$.cookie(“lang”,$(”#oobeGuiLang").val());" to “Cookies.set(“lang”,$(”#oobeGuiLang").val());"

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I’d run a restore to pre-s#!t issue time.

fwconsole ma updateall