Error detection and failover for provider servers

Hello all,

since today we have problems with telephony incoming (outgoing works, as well as registration).
At the support of our provider we have received the following information:

The system is probably registered or connected to two servers. One of these servers of the provider has an error or is defective.
Therefore, it is not possible to dial out via this server.

According to the support it would be a setting of the telephone system that it recognizes that there is a problem here and then uses the second server for the connection.
A kind of Failoder at the provider, this is supposed to happen automatically if the system is configured correctly.
The support could not tell us How it can be set with the FreePBX.

Does anyone here have an idea what exactly is meant here, or what setting is involved here?

Many thanks for the help already.

Hello again,

I have now again a written response to the support request.
Can anything be done with this?

Register Error Customer terminal user agent FPBX-10.0.23(16.24.1) Terminal registers in Düsseldorf and simultaneously via nIMS in Cologne this P-CSCF is not in operation.
In this case, the customer terminal should switch to the Secundary IP from the DNS response in accordance with 1TR114 section and thus use a different PCSCF (failover)
However, end device does not behave according to the rules

The end device MUST follow this basic procedure.
Please check for current firmware

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