Error deleting Misc Application

I am running TB 2.2.4 with FreePBX 2.2.3. I created several Misc Apps and then deleted them. They were correctly deleted from the Misc Applications but still remain in the Feature Codes Misc Applications section. Is this a bug or the way things should work? How can I manually delete this items from the Feature Codes?

I had that while I was experimenting with some extra codes.

Once added, they appear in one of the other sections - misc destinations or whatever.
Deleting them in there gets rid after a reload.

(I can’t remember exactly where they appear, just have a look through the various lists).

Upgrade to 2.3, it should be fixed there. I don’t think that bug fix was back ported to the 2.2 branch (and if it wasn’t then there are no plans to do such).

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
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