Error Configuring Network Interface during installation

Trying to install the latest stable 64-bit FreePBX distro (Stable-5.211.65-4) on a Dell Optiplex 755. Can’t get past the Network Manager box about two minutes into installation. I can’t seem to get eth0 configured–get the error that “There was a problem configuring your network interface.” Have DHCP enabled, which is the correct setting for my router, so it should work fine. There’s a retry button. If I hit retry, it sends me back to change IP settings, but when I hit submit it actually doesn’t try again to reconfigure–it just proceeds with installation without a network connection. Eventually I get 73% through until it hangs at the freepbx package, which I’m assuming has to do with the system lacking a network connection.

Is there any explanation for this besides a CentOS-incompatible NIC? I bought this machine specifically because I had read some forum posts indicating that it works with the distro, but now I’m stuck in the mud. Since I can’t actually get through to a command line or anything, and I have no spare NICs sitting around, I have no idea how to diagnose this.

Thanks for any input,


Ah–just tried unchecking the box for “Enable IPv6 Support” and it seems to be proceeding alright now.