ERROR: Can not connect to Asterisk

In a process of fiddling with DAHDI problems, I have broken Asterisk

When I reboot the server (FreePBX 13 with Asterisk 13) nothing works

if i run

[[email protected] asterisk]# fwconsole start
Running FreePBX startup…
Taking too long? Customize the chown command, See
Setting Permissions…

filetype(): Lstat failed for /var/log/asterisk/fail2ban.1

start [–pre] [–post] [args1] … [argsN]

Please help!

Try below command, this should fix any permission related issues, if any.
chmod +x /usr/sbin/fwconsole && fwconsole chown

What output do you get when you run asterisk -r ?

This issue is fixed.

fail2ban logs were to large. after I deleted the logs, the system started up fine. Thanks