Error after updating framework to (and still present at

Hi there,

I just updated my server to the framework but after applying settings I get an error message in my FreePBX Notices screen:

Failed to copy from module agi-bin

Retrieve conf failed to copy file(s) from a module’s agi-bin dir: mkdir(): File exists

Added 1 minute ago

Any suggestions or ideas on what to do with this?

Anyone else with this issue?

I still can’t get it resolved, allready did a reinstall of module and rebooted the server but still no luck.

Just updated to the framework and still the same issue.

ticket was closed but this error is still occuring

I tried the solution in that ticket but no luck. Problem still exists (on multiple systems).

  1. cd /var/lib/asterisk/bin/ 2) wget 3) chmod 775 retrieve_conf 4) chown asterisk:asterisk retrieve_conf