Error after SIPstation trunk setup

I am using FreePBX and I understand that the entire box was built from a FreePBX ISO.

We have been using POTS lines only for about 6 months, but have recently tried to add a SIP line to our system. I purchased the line from SIPSTATION and used their module to add the trunk to the system.

Initially (as in the first few minutes) it seemed to work. Now, we can dial out on the SIP line but we don’t get incoming calls. When I go to the SIPSTATION module I get the following error message:

ERROR: Your SIP Contact header is a non-private IP address that does not match your network IP. Your system will probably fail typically resulting in one way audio issues. This is usually caused because of an externip setting that is not the same as you WAN IP, or an externhost setting with dynamic DNS information that is not updated. You should check the Asterisk SIP Settings Module or your sip_nat.conf file for the proper settings.

I have checked the sip_nat.conf file and the externip address is correct there. I don’t have the Asterisk SIP Settings Module.

What else should I check?

That error is generated as a result of the SIPSTATION module being told by the SIPSTATION servers ( and what they are seeing on your registrations.

As indicated, it is almost always related to your externip/externhost settings which are easier to setup if you install the Asterisk SIP Settings Module though that is only available starting with 2.6 if I’m not mistaken.

You need to get that error cleaned up by looking closer as to where you may be setting your IP address incorrectly. In some rare cases, if you have multiple WAN connections, it could be a matter of some fairly complicated networking which you would have to dig in further.

If you are not getting the incoming calls and getting that message, it is most likely directly related. Your registration is what tells the SIPSTATION server where to send your calls. When the registration ends up with bad IP address information that can really screw it up. If you contact header were a private IP address (e.g. 10.x.x.x, 192.168.x.x, etc.) then the SIPSTATION server will ignore that contact header in favor of your network IP that it ‘reverse engineers.’ If that were the case the warning would tell you something of the sort and would be yellow instead of red.

lastly, and possibly related. SIPSTATION by default is going to send your incoming calls to the port it sees your registration come from. So if you are port mapped in your NAT router, it will send your registration to that address It counts on the Asterisk qualify=yes to keep your firewall pinhole open. Many firewalls end up mapping your SIP registration to 5060, e.g. keeping it the same. So if you have 5060 forwarded it is not an issue. If your firewall is mapping it to something else and you are having problems with your firewall closing the pinhole because the qualify-yes pings are not adequate, you can contact the SIPSTATION support and ask them to force all your new INVITEs to 5060, you just need to make sure you do have port forwarding setup right.

However … despite all that above information, if you are getting the error you mention, you want to track that down first on your configuration either in the sip_nat.conf or one of your other sip_*.conf files that you may have set it in.