Hello Everyone.

I have recently installed FreePBX 13 and Asterisk 13, not the distro.
I had it up and running before i did a reboot, and now it is shutting me out from the web gui with a connection refused.
I have double checked the firewall to make sure it was not blocking me.
There are other topics related to this, but I have yet to figure out what is blocking me out.
Does anyone have a check list i can go through?
I did check the fwconsole debug to see if there was anything here, but i didn’t see anything. Could be its there but i haven’t found it.

/var/log/asterisk/full should give you some hints.

Hi Dave.
Thanks for your response, but i cannot see anything wrong connected to the FreePBX gui on this log. Asterisk seems to be running fine. I can access asterisk through the console.

What do you see when you run ‘netstat -na’? I would be checking for a service with port 80 or 443 open.

What do you see when you run ‘iptables -L’? Check to make sure the firewall rules aren’t blocking connections to the web GUI.

Making an assumption you are using a RedHat derivative, but do you see the web service when you run ‘chkconfig’?

And what about ‘lsof -i’? Do you see the web service listed here?

Hello mgs.
Sorry for a late response.

Thank you for your response.
The netstat -na does not show any link to port 80 or 443, but i ended up doing a Freepbx Distro, so I have everything working there. I have some other issues with it, but that would be for a different post.
Thank you for your assistance.