ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED After trying to connect to extension

I have a fresh install of STABLE (LEGACY)
Release Date: 2016
FreePBX 13 • Linux 6.6 • Asterisk 13

I am using a unifi usg and 24 poe switch.

FreeBPX is installed on an 2006 iMac

Whenever I try to connect a softphone to an extension the internal connection gets refused and I have to reboot to get to the gui. As it is FreePBX is unusable as I can’t connect to an extension. While the connection is blocked the server remains connected to my external SIP account.

I installed the 64 bit version on another computer and am not having the problem any more.

There is nothing inherently different with the 64 bit version, but it is the one you should be using. My guess is that you’ had mixed up your SIP ports, by creating a chan_SIP extension and attempt to register to the PJSIP port. When the registration fails you get banned by fail2ban (System Admin, Intrusion Detection). The reboot clears the ban.

There are 2 SIP drivers active by default, each bound to a different port. You need to be very disciplined about which port is in use if you are going to manually configure clients to register.

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