EPM: Yealink Bug with TLS?

I think I may have found a bug in EPM for TLS transport.

I have enabled TLS in Asterisk SIP Settings for PJSIP. I have select a Let’s Encrypt certificate for now.
I have enabled the TLS transport in Asterisk SIP Settings for PJSIP, and I have set it to Verify Server
I have then set the extension I am testing with to Transport: TLS

The cfg file is correctly updated to use port 5061, but the phone does not register because the config file omits the “account.1.sip_server.1.transport_type=” line from the config, so it is trying to use Plain-old UDP. If I open the Web UI on the phone and change this manually it registers and works without issue.

I can work around it with a basefile edit of course but thought it was worth flagging. Maybe I am missing something.

Any thoughts? EPM version is

Carrying on with this, I’ve found it also isn’t enabling SRTP in the cfg file when SRTP is required by the extension

Hi, my experience with EPM has been that it does not really support configuration on any phones other than the Sangoma phones. The encryption config in particular seems to only apply to Sangoma. I use Grandstream and to get all this working, I edited the base file and made my changes manually.


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