EPM without installing FreePBX?


I am using a vanilla build of Asterisk along with some Sangoma S500 phones. All I need to get working is a phone directory function on the phones so that users can find and dial the correct contact numbers.

I have used the LDAP directory and this is just far too slow for use.

The XML Directory although exists as a menu item within the phone configuration is not supported and there is no documentation as to the correct XML format to even try it.

Asterisk ‘voice’ directory where you call the number and search for the correct extension works but again is a bit too slow for everyday use.

The only option seems to be using the App that is part of EPM… So here is the question(s)

1 - Can I install EPM without installing FreePBX?
2- Is there another way to get a phone directory on the Sangoma S500



Sorry Sangoma phones are built for FreePBX and designed with FreePBX min mind and why we dont document all the advanced things as we take care of them in FreePBX. Without using FreePBX as your PBX you loose most the features including the directory as it uses databases and such from the PBX for that feature.