EPM V15.0.52.13 creates 1KB cfg file

I purchased an EPM module renewal and upgraded my EPM to V15.0.52.13. After doing so I am trying to provision a Grandstream 2130 that was previously provisioned but it just won’t provision. The system is local to the phones and I’m using TFTP. I ran a packet capture from the phone and found the following. If I access the TFTP folder of the system I see picture #2. The phone seems to be looking for an xml file while the tftp folder has .cfg files


Update, I found the cfgc file for the MAC and it is 1KB in size compared to .cfg file which is 97KB. A packet capture indicates the Grandstream first looks for a .xml file which there is none and then default to look just for cfgcMAC but new files created after the update are 1KB in size for this format

Updated EPM to V15.0.53 and still receiving 1KB file. When I make changes to the template and rebuild config files there are two files created

c074ad075851.cfg which is ok at 97KB
cfgc074ad075851 which is 1KB

The problem is Grandstream first looks for a xml file of which EPM does not create and then defaults to the cfg file which is 1KB. Prior to the upgrade the cfg file was 11KB and did provision the phone.

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