EPM UniData WPU-7800


I’m wondering if anyone has had any success autoprovisioning UniData WPU-7800’s using FreePBX, PBXact with or without EPM?

The admin manual http://www.telephonyware.com/images/files/tw01254/wpu7800_admin.pdf has details on how to do it and I have successfully provisioned one by manually creating the files. These are pretty nice and affordable WiFi SIP phones that have good wireless AP handoff/roaming capabilites.

Looks like someone has had some success getting them to provision from trixbox: http://www.experts-exchange.com/Networking/Telecommunications/IP_Telephony/VoIP/Q_27412642.html with good config examples. I just used the admin manual, but it looks like you can do more with it.

Devs, any chance we’ll be able to get these phones into Endpoint Manager? I’m not sure how much work that is, but we would like to deploy more of these phones in our organization :slight_smile:

If you would like a feature the best thing to do is submit it with the link to the right “Report Bug/Feature”

When it comes to Commercial EPM we are only adding devices for the past 6 months with manufactures who partner with us direct for inclusion of the devices