EPM Unable to enter a value of 0 and XML Group does not set xml_phonebook

With Yealink phones, the Remote Phone Book directory list is numbered from 1 to 5.

But when you code them to a linekey in a config file they are numbered 0 to 4 and use the xml_phonebook field, not the value field.

This is that it looks like in the phone

This is what the config file looks like (the %EMPTY% because I like to ensure no leftover data)

linekey.10.label = Rem Dir 1
linekey.10.line = 1
linekey.10.pickup_value = %EMPTY%
linekey.10.type = 22
linekey.10.value = %EMPTY%
linekey.10.xml_phonebook = 0 

linekey.11.label = Rem Dir 2
linekey.11.line = 1
linekey.11.pickup_value = %EMPTY%
linekey.11.type = 22
linekey.11.value = %EMPTY%
linekey.11.xml_phonebook = 1

When I code a button in EPM like this.

It codes the config file like this.

linekey.4.line = 1
linekey.4.value = 1
linekey.4.pickup_value = **
linekey.4.type = 22
linekey.4.label = Menu

When I try to code a button like this.

It codes the config file like this. By happen stance this will work since the missing xml_phonebook field will try to load 0 by default. But note that the value is blank, not 0 as specified.

linekey.4.line = 1
linekey.4.value =
linekey.4.pickup_value = **
linekey.4.type = 22
linekey.4.label = Contacts

So my question is, am I doing it wrong? Or should I open a bug report?

I opened an issue but it was killed

So the only way to enter a bug report for a Commercial module is through the Sangoma portal now? I think someone needs to go close a lot of stuff on the issue tracker…

In this case, I was consulting for a client, and I have no access to their Sangoma portal to

  1. Submit a case
  2. Submit a support backup
  3. Open their system to support via the key package
  4. See responses to said case

If you can reproduce on your own system, then you can open the ticket yourself. Otherwise get the deployment owner to open one.

I don’t own EPM, on our system. I code the config by hand for everything but the Sangoma phones we have.

On that note, I cannot submit a ticket for EPM if I found an issue using it with our two Sangoma phones either because I don’t need to buy it for that. Thus it does not show up.

The above is obviously reproducible.

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