EPM Support of multicast paging on Polycom?

I have pretty much moved to trying to use the EPM as our base for new installs, and now have one I need to use some Polycom’s in, along with multicast paging.

Looking at the docs from Polycom, it seems the SoundStation phones are very happy to work with multicast, in fact I would go as far as to say they seem to recommend it.

When I look at the EPM screen for Aastra, I can easily find where you would configure this for the phones, but looking at the Polycom templates there is no such creature.

Does EPM support multicast on Polycom, and if not is there any intention to add support? Guessing I could locally manipulate the phones to handle this, but the defeats the beauty of EPM…

We tried to add support and could never get it to work and Polycom refuses to give us as a project any engineering level support so we scratched it. They are the only phone manufacture that wont give us support which is really sad.

Oh Crud, that is crappy to hear for sure… :frowning:

I have some folks that need good Conference phones, but also wanted some good speakerphones as well. I let them test a couple of my in house Poly’s and they liked them a lot more than the Aastra phones, so was trying to integrate them in.

Were you able to make them perform multicast at all, or did it just flat out seemed broken and didn’t work? As I am guessing I am stuck trying to see if I can do anything at all with the phones now, and am more than happy to let you know what I come up with if anything…