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EPM, Speed Dial not being included in config build

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Hi. I am trying to configure the line keys for a Cisco SPA514G phone using EPM commercial. In the template config when I specify SpeedDial, it does not get included in the config file that EPM builds. Line and BLF work fine. I created a new template and the results are the same. These were working at one point. Any ideas? Thanks.

FreePBX 13.0.197
EndPoint Manager



Some pieces from the xml config file. The extension for this config is 285. Note that Extended_Function_3 is correct.

<Display_Name_1_ ua=“na”>285</Display_Name_1_>
<Display_Name_2_ ua=“na”></Display_Name_2_>
<Display_Name_3_ ua=“na”></Display_Name_3_>
<Display_Name_4_ ua=“na”></Display_Name_4_>



<Share_Call_Appearance_1_>shared</Share_Call_Appearance_1_> <Share_Call_Appearance_2_>private</Share_Call_Appearance_2_>
<Share_Call_Appearance_3_></Share_Call_Appearance_3_> <Share_Call_Appearance_4_>private</Share_Call_Appearance_4_>

<Short_Name_1_ ua=“na”>285</Short_Name_1_>
<Short_Name_2_ ua=“na”>FMFM</Short_Name_2_>
<Short_Name_3_ ua=“na”></Short_Name_3_>
<Short_Name_4_ ua=“na”>GMBox</Short_Name_4_>

<SIP_Port_1_ ua=“na”>5060</SIP_Port_1_>
<SIP_Port_2_ ua=“na”>5070</SIP_Port_2_>
<SIP_Port_3_ ua=“na”>5080</SIP_Port_3_>
<SIP_Port_4_ ua=“na”>5090</SIP_Port_4_>


Issue resolved…was my fault. I had made additions to the basefile that conflicted with the template setup. I also learned that ‘short name’ is not used for speed dial.

Case closed!

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