EPM Remote provisioning Yealink phones with OpenVPN


I’m trying to provision Yealink (T41P) phones that are on a remote location.
I have setup OpenVPN, EPM etcetc.
On rps.yealink.com I have set the correct provisioning string (HTML) and that works.
The only thing that fails is when the phone is provisioning, the openvpn.url setting in the MAC config file, is set to the local ip address of the pbx instead of the public.
When I manually change that to the public IP address, the phone is provisioning just fine, but it also looks like I have to enable VPN in the phone config after the VPN.cfg is provisioned.

Can anyone help me out getting some field correct in the Freepbx 13 setup for this?


Just confirmed this working today on the T41P, make sure you are using edge versions of both system admin and EPM, then rebuild your phone config.

It’s a brand new installation; System Admin is at and EPM at 13.0.61


Are edge versions still required for this?

I can’t get this working, is it configured the same way the wiki explains it?