EPM Record Call Button

We have several users that need to record calls in progress periodically. For example, the sales assistant will pre-screen job applicants, recording the calls (with their permission) and the Sales Manager will listen to those calls and decide if he wants to interview the candidate.

We use Digium phones and are in the process of switching from DPMA to the commercial version of Endpoint Manger. With DPMA we simply have a button that the user presses to start recording. We can’t seem to find this option with EPM. I know I can use a feature code but beeping DTMF into the caller’s ears isn’t desirable.

Is this something that I am missing or will it be added to EPM at some point?

I think you need the beep for legal reasons …

The users shouldn’t hear the *1 that you dial to start recording.

That’s a different thing, and is part of Asterisk 13.

Yes the beep that comes every so many seconds to let the caller know they are being recorded is fine. They are giving permission to be recorded. But I just want a button on my phone that starts and stops the recording,

I did test and xrobau is right…caller on the other end doesn’t hear the DTMF when I hit *1, which is the feature code for call recording on our system. So it isn’t as bad as I thought, but a button would be nice. Can this be added into the Endpoint Manager?

The issue is its not really an app to dial it. And Digium phones if I recall right do not let you send DTMF down a active channel with a speeddial button so we would have no way of really doing that without writing a phone app for it as part of the Rest Apps module unless I am wrong and doing a speedial on the phone and pressing that while on a call works which someone would need to test. if that works then you can add it to EPM with no issues.


Rapid Dial keys can send in-call DTMF when press_function is set to send_dtmf

There’s an example of using send_dtmf in the Call Parking example here: