EPM program button for ring group

I have Digium D50 phones and using the commercial Endpoint Manager. I want to be able to program a few of the side buttons to go to ring groups. For instance Sales is 6000 and Service is 6001. How can I program the button first button to just be 6000 without the speed dial? Where a user could hit sales and pickup the phone to call the Sales ring group, and if they are on a call with a customer they can hit the transfer button and then hit the Service button to transfer a call to the Service 6001 ring group? When I have tried Speed Dial and BLF soft keys it dials the number as soon as its pushed which doesn’t work when trying to transfer a call to the ring group. I have about 8 ring groups and my users aren’t going to remember which group has which extension.

I have tried to leave the “Type” blank and just inputting a value of 6000 and 6001, but it does not save the config file. Reopening it shows they are not there now.

Is there no way to setup a button to input 6000 for instance without ringing to it?

Look I hate to beat a dead horse with this and keep bumping it, but I’m just looking for some input. I need to program a button for a ring group so when users are in a call they can hit Transfer > Ring Group Button to transfer the call to the ring group. This is the last part of my configuration that needs setup before going live.

I dont think this is possible. A speed dial will call what you press. I know with Aastra they have a speeddial/transfer button that does what you want.

So theres no way to program a speed dial button or BLF button to be able to hit transfer while in a call and push where you want it to go. I mean this could be any type of extension like a ring group, actual extension or transfer to parking slot. I just seems logical to have most used extension to be programed as a button and be able to transfer to them.

Currently if you are on a call and hit the Transfer button then hit a BLF key with any extension number it will pick up a second line and call the number while putting the first call on hold. Only after the person answers the phone am I able to transfer the original call to them. This is an assisted transfer correct? Seems like we should be able to blind transfer to a BLF key extension. How do people transfer calls to a group or certain extension? Memorize everyones extensions? Because that will not work. I wanted a few ring group BLF keys and main extension buttons people could dial or transfer calls to without having to remember those extension numbers.

Looking at the asterisk documentation here: https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/DIGIUM/Smart+BLF#SmartBLF-BlindTransfer seems to indicate that changing this

<behavior phone_state="idle" target_status="idle" press_action="primary" press_function="dial" long_press_action="itcm" long_press_function="dial" />

to this would input a dtmf key instead of dialing

<behavior phone_state="idle" target_status="idle" press_action="primary" press_function="send_dtmf" long_press_action="itcm" long_press_function="send_dtmf" />

I modified my 130-blf.xml file and reconfigured my phone, but it is still dialing when pressing any of my speed dial buttons. Is there any way to make these button act as a dtmf keypress vs dialing?

Not that this helps your situation, but Cisco SPA phones work the way you are mentioning.

Hmm. Could you PM me one of your extension#-blf.xml files or put it on a Gist? So I can compare it to the ones I have. How do you have your soft keys setup? Speed dial or BLF? And what do you have as the values? Just an extension like 6000?