EPM - polycom template missing values


I have noticed some strange issues with setting BLFs using the VVX sidecar devices.

Under the basefile editor, select MAC-Features.cfg

There are some missing values under the attendant portion.

missing 54 label and type
missing 55 label
missing 56 type
missing 57 address and label
missing 58 label
missing 59 type
missing 60 address
missing 65 label
missing 66 address

I manually added them via the basefile editor and this fixes the BLF issues on the sidecars.



and so on…

Hopefully this makes sense and you guys can adjust the official template

The Community Forum is not a place to report bugs/feature updates. Please use https://issues.freepbx.org for these things. Otherwise it will never be considered or looked at to be put in the work flow.

It makes perfect sense, but we’re all just users. We can’t adjust any of the commercial modules.

You might get lucky and one of the devs might create an “issues” ticket for you, but don’t hold your breath especially on EPM. Polycom isn’t a partner anymore, so getting updates into the EPM templates requires “someone” to take ownership of the udpates. That won’t be Digium/Sangoma (since Polycom is a competitor) but if one of the users is willing to do the legwork and make is a simple update, it’s more likely to happen from a ticket.

Ok well, I already fixed my template and I am now letting others know that there are bugs in the official template provided with EPM. Sangoma can do whatever it wants with this report. Ill open an issue as well, but im not going to jump through hoops

If they dont plan on fixing templates for other phones, perhaps they should rename it from Endpoint Manager to Sangoma Phone Manager :smiley:

A couple things here that I want to clarify from a Sangoma person not community members speaking on our behalf.

  1. The Forums are not a place to report bugs. Devs do not watch the forums for bugs to resolve. We have an official bug reporting system at issues.freepbx.org.
  2. EPM is not a Sangoma Phone Manager. Within EPM we have 2 types of manufacture supported devices. We have certified and uncertified. This is spelled out in our wiki here. https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FPG/EPM-Supported+Devices
  3. Certified Manufactures we provide bug fixes for and basic provisioning of things like BLFs and what not and feature improvements of new features as time allows. Uncertified Manufactures may receive bug fixes depending how complex the fix is and our current work load but no new features or models are added.
  4. Polycom is not a certified partner and has not been in 4-5 years now. At the time they were certified we added all the currently support phones they had. When they decided to not renew certification we freeze in the models that were supported when they were certified and after that time we no longer add new models or features and do not guarantee bug fixes.

You example of the bug you found is something we would most likely fix as its a simple one to do and its a bug on our side that should be fixed. No clue on how long it will take to get into queue and resolved but all bug reports are reviewed and put into triage so please open a bug report.

These policies existed before Sangoma even had our own phones as supporting devices require manufacture support and without it we can not continue to support the devices.

Thanks for the clarification Tony.

Honestly i’ve come to hate polycom over the years as they seem to be distancing themselves from Open SIP, but I am stuck supporting all the phones we have installed in the past.

Can you please clarify what “Open SIP” is?

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