EPM Polycom Template - HTTPS Support

When I have my provisioning protocol set to only HTTPS is System Admin, the polycom template does not display any provisioning protocols for selection.

HTTPS is only support on Sangoma Phones at this time. It was added for those phones. At some point it will get added for support for Certified Manufactures when we get time

We live in a brave new world where every device under the sun these days is being used in DDOS attacks.

I hope Sangoma makes adding HTTPS provisioning support a priority for their customer’s sake and their own.

It’s too easy to grab HTTP credentials over the wire and VPNs are a band-aid solution.

As stated Certified Manufacfures will be next. Uncertified manufactures like Polycom are not receiving anything but bug fixes in EPM. New features and changes in EPM only happen with Certified Manufacfures.

How does Sangoma decide which manufacturers get certified?

The Polycom phones are rock solid both in their construction, features, and voice quality and they’re one of the most popularly deployed phones. I see them everywhere.

I have a Polycom VVX300 and it’s voice quality and latency beats my new Sangoma S500. Maybe it’s an EQ effect setting in the S500 but unless the end user has access to such settings there is no way to know for sure.

They are decided by the Manufacture by joining the FreePBX Eco System. Polycom has chosen not to do so for 5 plus years now.

That’s really unfortunate. Must be related to Polycom beefing up its software to be friendly towards Microsoft products like Skype for business.

Also, do you have any thoughts on allowing options in the Sangoma phone software to tweak the audio EQ settings? Maybe in the base file?