EPM park on Digium Speed Dial ##70#

I am trying to get a button configured on our digium D50 phones to park an active call to the parking lot instead of having to manually do it. Other phones I have tested can be setup as a speed dial ##70# and it works right away. It doesn’t seem to work on the digium phones. Some users have mentioned using smart blf to configure the digium phone, but I am using the commercial EPM to manage all our phones. I Just need a button our users can press to park a call.

@chriscarpenter12 Did you ever get this resolved? I am having the same issue with a D65

What an old post. On current versions, having a BLF key to the x70 should send the call to the next available parking lot.
Using DPMA and DPMA Apps there is a park app to send, check and retrieves parked calls.