EPM, OSS EPM or what?

Hi, I’m currently testing out a small FreePBX install at home, it’s going rather well but it’s unclear to me what options I have for phone provisioning.

EPM is the commercial module at 149$
OSS EPM is free but seems not maintained anymore

Is there any other options, if so, is there any guide or tutorial I could read?


If its small at home, most phones can be provisioned one at a time on the phones interface page.

It’s maintained

Well… For a long time it wasn’t, but right now it is being maintained. It’s a daunting, thankless (some would argue hostile) task but it is being maintained again. The commercial EPM is maintained professionally by Sangoma - the OSS isn’t. No judgement - for some installations the OSS one is perfect. For others, the OSS one is right on. It’s going to depend on your needs and what kind of phones you have. For example, if you have Sangoma phones, the commercial one is free.

ok then, I’ll try the OSS to start.

Thanks for all the answers! :wink:

Anyone could tell me how to install the OSS EPM, my Google skills are failing me…

In module admin make sure all repos are enabled, click check online and you should find it there.

Make sure unsupported is checked for the repository.

it works! Thanks

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