EPM on Raspberry Pi ? (ARM Processor)


I purchased EPM over a year ago, but was unable to use it because my
system was running on an ARM processor.

Here’s my question: Can I run EPM on the current Raspberry Pi?
It is an ARM processor, but it’s quite powerful (quad core 1.2GHZ).


I can add that previously I could not use commercial modules on an ARM processor because the package that provided licensing control (php-5.3-zend-guard-loader) only worked on intel compatible cpu’s.

That is correct. We do not support non X86 based system for commercial modules.

Thank you Tony. Can I run the EPM on an old x86 laptop to act as the provisioning server, and configure the phones to download from the EPM but connect to a FreePBX instance running on a different box.

I realize that the custom FreePBX installation on my Pi isn’t and won’t be supported, so all that I’m really asking is do you think that such a setup could and should work. Because I don’t provision phones often, I would boot up the provisioning server only when needed, and once the phones were provisioned I should be OK. (I’ll deal with re-provisioning, by turning that feature off).

Your opinion would be very helpful… If you think it should work, I’ll handle the support.


P.S. – While it might be tedious, I would mimic the lines and trunks on the provisioning server, so that I could configure my phones. I’m fine with some final tweaking by hand on the phone itself once it’s provisioned.