EPM not upgrading

We have the 25 year license for EPM on our server, currently at FreePBX 14. Our EPM is at 14.0.44.
We are adding a Yealink T54W to a new employee, and while the T54S is listed, the EPM will not find the new phone.
I saw on the community a newer version was released in Dec of 20 with the T54W in it, but my module admin refuses to update the EPM to the current version. Is there anything I can do or am I pooched and have to manually configure the phone?

If you’re unable to update EPM then it’s likely due to your maintenance expiring. You can renew using this method:

SO…even if I have a 25 year license, I can’t get updates to it that are release after the initial maintenance expires?

I did go and check, the maintence is still there for almost another year. I updated teh activation to make sure, but it still shows that the 14.0.44 is the ‘current’ version

In that case open a support ticket.

Thank you. I will contact support.

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