EPM - Not updating Yealink firmware

I have a slew of Yealink phones (T28s by and large). I just installed the EPM and selected the newest firmware package (1.0.5). I see that the config file for each phone has the location to get the firmware from etc yet the firmware does not automatically update.

Any ideas how I can get the firmware update to take effect?

Interesting I have found 2 things.

1: When I add LLDP to the base file editore for some reason the firmware objective gives a blank path EVEN though it is correct in the base file editor.

2: When I chnage the filename to exclude tftp://pbx.pbx.com (obvioulsy different) it seems to work. But of course I want this to be automatic!

There is a bug reporter on the right side of your screen. Please report a bug. Thanks

Thanks I have opened up 2 bugs (since I think these are separate)

7286 & 7287.

Hopefully they can be dealt with in short order. I know the firmware udpate doesn’t work for v7 style config files either… But haven’t looked into it at all yet…