EPM not populating type fields for Yealink EXP40

I’ve been using the EPM and am loving it but i’ve run into a bug. My exp40’s were blank so i compared config files with what i set in EPM and found that the line types for the t48g’s lines have type 16 for BLF, the types are blank for the expansion module. The value and label are populated, just not the type. I have assigned the EXP40 properly under Extension Mapping and everything else with EPM is working. (Except for the REST Apps, but that’s for another ticket.) If you need anything from me let me know.
Filed Ticket #230913

System Specs:
PIAF Installed Version = under HARDWARE x
x FreePBX Version = 12.0.9 12 x
x Running Asterisk Version = 11.12.0 x
x Asterisk Source Version = 11.12.0 x
x Dahdi Source Version = 2.10.0 x
x Libpri Source Version = 1.4.15 x
x IP Address = on eth0 x
x Operating System = CentOS release 6.6 (Final) >< x
x Kernel Version = 2.6.32-504.1.3.el6.x86_64 - 64 Bit

hello , i have the same probleme with EXP40 , i tried to configured my yealink phone t46s with the exp40 . the exp40 does not show any line .

i found the solution , it was very stupid lol. i had to attach the Expansion Module 1 to the user under the Extension Mapping .