EPM not creating config files

Okay, I just hit something strange, and I can and can’t reproduce it. Meaning if I do the right vodoo magic it seems to be broken, but often in seems to work. For reference these are config files for a Grandstream 21x0 phone (2130, and 2140 tested).

Basically yesterday I couldn’t take the config to take but I wasn’t in the office and had too much going on to really figure out what was going on. So this morning I created 2 test extensions, and tried to push a config to 2 test phones, on the test extensions and it worked perfectly.

I then deleted those test extensions within EPM, and created the correct extensions in the PBX and then mapped them in EPM. Factory Reset the phones and they came up blank. After a couple of minutes of pulling my hair out I checked the tftpboot directory and in fact there were no files for the relevant MAC addresses. I deleted them from EPM recreated them, nothing nata, no config files.

I deleted them, deleted the extensions etc, same thing no config files. I finally made a “change” to the template (some tiny change), and rebuilt the config files and then the new config files for those extensions appeared, but it didn’t happen until I did something causing me to be able to do a rebuild. Obviously once I had the config files and I reset the phones they grabbed the config and everything is working. Has anybody ever seen something like this before?