EPM - new install

Just got the endpoint manager licensed on our AsteriskNow system; I had to set up the system admin module, which required an amportal chown, but otherwise went smoothly. When I go to the module and check licensing, endpoint manager shows up as expected!

However, when I attempt to install the module through the web interface, it just hangs at “Listen 80”. When I go through the CLI, like this:
amportal a ma install endpoint

I get the following output:

[[email protected] /]# amportal a ma install endpoint

Please wait…

Listen 80
/bin/mkdir: cannot create directory /tftpboot/images': File exists /bin/mkdir: cannot create directory/tftpboot/images/originals’: File exists
/bin/mkdir: cannot create directory /tftpboot/images/formatted': File exists /bin/mkdir: cannot create directory/tftpboot/firmwaredownloads’: File exists

Re-Writing Templates
PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 104857600 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 72 bytes) in /usr/share/pear/DB/mysql.php on line 383

So I’m at a stand-still. Help!

Sorry, just saw the previous question about this; should have looked first. going to try adjusting the memory size available with the ini mentioned there.

Just changed the line that limited memory to 100M to 1000M, and the install went through fine on the cli.