EPM - Need to reflect the chosen Transport Type for provisioning

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Mentioned here all the way back in 2019:

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If I choose a specific transport type in the Extension (for instance picking TCP instead of auto) that setting should be reflected in the config generated by EPM.

Yes, you can alter the basefile, but then you are altering the settings for ALL the phones of that type and template - that’s not very flexible.

Scenario is a subset of phones behind a CRAPPY connection that become unavailable with UDP but work perfectly with TCP - but because I have to alter the basefile, all the phones are now running TCP even though some of them were fine with UDP.

Feature request I guess.

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Which phone? Many devices will provision with the correct transport, but some devices added a long time ago may still only support udp.

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Yealink Phones - in this case T29G’s and W52P’s in this instance - but I don’t think that template is checking for it in any way - I will test with other Yealinks later, but I don’t think it is even being looked at.

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I would have to sign in to a customer with EPM to test your claims, but you could try 2 things.

You duplicate the template. That gives you a second basefile to work with.
Or you edit the basefile, but only for the selected models. Doesn’t help your scenario though.

Best bet is a second template “yealink_tcp” then just assign appropriately.

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